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Secure Your Business: Choose the Right Paper Shredder

Find the perfect office shredder to safeguard sensitive information, streamline document disposal, and ensure POPIA compliance. Compare features, capacity, and security levels.

FlexiQ Systems offers some of the best products from reputable brands such as Rexel, Fellowes and Ideal. With a variety of shredders to choose from, including home, heavy duty or Industrial, shredders. FlexiQ Systems has the right paper shredder for your needs.

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FAQ Section

  • Q: Can I shred credit cards and CDs with a paper shredder?

    • A: Yes, many shredders can handle thicker materials like credit cards and CDs. To be sure, look for descriptions stating "credit card shredding" or "multimedia shredding" capabilities on the specific shredder you're interested in.
  • Q: What's the difference between strip-cut and cross-cut shredders?

    • A: Both types of shredders turn documents into waste, but they differ in the way they cut the paper:
      • Strip-cut: Cuts paper into long, thin strips. This is faster but offers less security, as determined individuals could potentially reassemble the documents.
      • Cross-cut: Cuts paper into small rectangular or diamond-shaped pieces. This provides much higher security as it's nearly impossible to reconstruct the original document.