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The Importance of Paper Shredders

Identity theft is now a costing the South African economy R1 billion every year, with this figure increasing each year. One of the most important safeguards an individual or business owner can get against identity theft is a top of the range paper shredder. It is not enough to just tear up important bills and throw them in the trash anymore, as there are many people who make a living going through bins to find bank account numbers, credit cards numbers and other vital personal important.  

The only sure way to protect yourself from a criminal stealing your information and ruining your credit rating is to purchase a high quality paper shredder, that has the ability to keep all of your personal data private. The cost of a paper shredder is very low when compared to the feeling of security knowing that all your information is safe and secure.

Paper shredders are an extremely simple and quick way to destroy sensitive information, with it only taking a few minutes to shred dozens of highly sensitive documents. Business owners will be able to safety dispose of client information that may be commercially sensitive and if it was released could cause damage to your reputation.

Individuals will also see great benefits from buying a quality shredder, as they can shred a range of household bills, from electricity to credit cards bills. There is no better way to ensure that your financial details are protected than a top paper shredder.

It can cost a very large amount of both time and money to get your identity back after it has been stolen, with the experience being very stressful for anybody. It can even take a long time for a victim of identify theft to know they have been targeted. An investment in a shredder will be very worthwhile to those who want to defend themselves against thefts and criminals.

D.I.Y Shredder Maintenance

Our main goal is to make sure your shredder stays in a working condition for a long time.

Oiling Blades

Any paper shredder is going to need to be regularly oiled. This is especially true when dealing with shredders that have cross-cutting blades. This is because the system of moving parts that constitutes the blade system of a shredder will invariably be subject to heat and dulling during the course of operation. By keeping the blades oiled, you can ensure minimal friction and keep things running smoothly, ensuring a longer life from your shredder. Always use commercial shredder oil, as it is formulated specifically for optimum performance on shredder blades.

Shredder Bags

Although it may seem more like a convenience issue than anything else, using a properly sized shredder bag can actually increase the longevity of your paper shredder. As shredders cut paper, dust is produced. While some units have dust-proof gear-houses and other dust-resistant parts, this is by no means a standard feature. The right shredder bag can easily store not only the paper clippings but also reduce the amount of dust that builds back up in the shredder's parts.

Regular Cleaning

Depending on how often you use your paper shredder, you will want to clean it regularly. Dust and bits of paper debris can adversely affect your shredder, especially getting into critical areas such as a gear-house. You will want to go over your shredder periodically and check it for debris, as well as spraying out any dust or particles using a can of pressurized air. By keeping your shredder clean and clear, you can ensure a longer operational lifespan and fewer complications.

Cooldown Time

When you run your paper shredder, the motor generates heat. That heat needs time to properly dissipate to prevent damage to the motor, the blades or any other mechanism in the shredder. A good rule of thumb to prevent overworking your shredder is to allow 30 minutes of cooldown time for every 30 minutes of operation.

Paper Capacity

Learn your shredder's maximum sheet capacity. Trying to force more paper than the shredder can handle through can cause jams and lead to permanent damage, costly repairs and potentially even replacement. Some shredders have a load detector that won't allow you to put through more paper than the system can handle, but it isn't a standard feature. Consult your owner's manual to learn the maximum load your shredder can handle.

Other Objects

Some paper shredders are designed to destroy paper clips, staples and CDs themselves without issue. However, this isn't a standard feature and you should always err on the side of caution. Make it a habit to remove your staples and paper clips ahead of time to prevent damaging your shredder's blades and motor. Always make sure your machine is designed to destroy CDs by checking your user's manual before you feed a disc into the shredder.